In the previous article, we explained how to prepare for the upcoming BPX blockchain migration. Today we explain how you can transfer your funds from the old blockchain to the new one.


We decided to use the Infinex exchange infrastructure to create a cross-chain bridge that allows all users to transfer their funds from the V2 chain to V3. Especially the Infinex Bridge service is perfectly suited for this purpose, because it’s available also for non registered users. There is no time limits when the funds must be transferred. You can use the methods described below right now, but keep in mind that funds will appear in your V3 wallet in a few days, after the migration. You can move your funds after the V3 mainnet goes live as well, but we suggest you do not delay it too much, because the old V2 network will become less and less stable over time, along with the outflow of users. If you keep all your BPX coins on Infinex account, you don’t need to do anything at all. All exchange clients funds will be transferred to the V3 network automatically. There is also no reason to stop trading on BPX pairs.

Method 1

If you are a registered user of the Infinex exchange, all you have to do is deposit your BPX coins to the exchange using the “BPX V2 (deprecated)” network and then request their withdrawal using the “BPX V3” network. When ordering a withdrawal, provide your receiving address from Metamask wallet connected to the BPX V3 network. Keep in mind that until the migration takes place (around May 25, 2023), your withdrawal will be still pending. This is completely normal and should not be a cause for concern. The withdrawal will be executed immediately after the migration.

Method 2

If you don’t have the Infinex account and don’t want to register, there is a second method using the Infinex Bridge. To get started, go to the Bridge interface. The “Asset to peg-in” and “Source network” fields will be filled in automatically. The only field you need to fill is “Destination address“. Enter your Metamask wallet address there and click “Submit“.

In the next step, you will see the address to send funds from the old network. Each transaction to this address will transfer funds to your V3 network wallet.

In this case, also keep in mind that you can send funds from the old wallet even now, but they will not appear in your Metamask wallet until May 25, 2023, after the migration takes place.

Attention! Applies to both methods

Old BPX V2 chain has a bug inherited from the Chia source code, which causes the transaction identifiers (TxID) may change to completely different after some time in the official wallet software. Due to this, if you make multiple transactions with the same amount, to the same address and there will be confrmed in the same block, Infinex cannot determinate if you really made two identical transactions or just one, but its TxID has changed by the bug.

Additionally the V2 chain has a limit on maximum single transaction amount, so a significant part of the users will not be able to transfer their funds to the V3 network at once. If you cannot send your funds to Infinex / Infinex Bridge in a single transaction due to this limit, you should firstly send it using multiple smaller transactions to your another wallet address and then you can send it to Infinex in a single transfer.

Sending a lot of small transactions with the same amount, to the same Infinex / Infinex Bridge deposit address, in a short period of time is strictly prohibited! It is almost certain that in a such case, some of your transactions will never appear on the exchange, and customer support will not be able to recover the funds, if it will come out that you have made at least 10 similar transactions within 1 hour.

However, if you use a different amount for each transaction, and leave approximately 2 minutes between transactions, you can send multiple smaller transactions directly to Infinex / Infinex Bridge.

The new BPX V3 network eliminates all these imperfections. The described bug no longer occurs there, and the transaction limits are so high that none of the users should ever encounter them. So please be very careful during these last days of the life of the V2 network and get ready for a better experiences when using V3 network.