There are only 5 days left until the BPX blockchain migration. We’ve noticed that the old network is producing blocks a bit faster than it should, so the estimated migration date keeps moving closer and closer. Live migration time forecast is always available here: ⏱️ BPX V3 Migration Countdown. This article is a pre-launch checklist for all BPX users to ensure you are ready for migration with no surprises.

1. Check the V2 client version

Check if your old network client version is exactly 2.1.0. If it’s an older version, upgrade to 2.1.0 immediately. 2.1.0 is the only version that will allow you to transfer all your funds to the new V3 network after the migration block 2,300,000. If you have already transferred all your BPX to the new network according to the procedure, it doesn’t matter what version of the old client you are using, you can even uninstall it completely and remove its data directory. The V3 network client does not use them.

2. Check the Execution Client version

Check if your Execution Client version is exactly 1.0.0. You cannot use the alpha version (1.0.0-a1) in mainnet. It must be a stable version 1.0.0.

3. Check the Execution Client network

Check that your Execution Client is running in mainnet mode. On Windows, you’ll recognize it by the console window title. “BPX Execution Client” is correct, “BPX Execution Client (Testnet)” indicates a mistake. On Linux, just check what arguments bpx-geth was started with. The “–testnet” argument must not be there.

4. Make sure you have the new wallet

You should have a new wallet address from Metamask connected to the BPX V3 network. Make sure you have backed up the secret recovery phrase in a safe place.

5. Make sure you have moved your funds to the new network

You should already request the transfer of all your BPX coins to the new network using any of the methods described in this article. For forgetful people, it will also be possible after the migration, but it is strongly recommended to do it before the migration. The old network will be less and less stable after the migration. Transactions will be processed with a delay and the synchronization issues may occur when there will be too few full nodes to connect to with the old wallet. Transfer your funds to the new network after migration, only if you really have no other choice, in any other case, do it before the migration.

6. Configure your router / firewall

If possible, forward ports TCP 6201 and TCP+UDP 30303 to your future BPX V3 full node. This will give you more connections to other full nodes.


If you’ve checked all of the above, the migration should take place smoothly for you. All you have to do is watch the countdown, wait for the migration time, then download the Beacon Client 3.0.0 (not released yet), install it, and run. Keep in mind to re-add your plot keys, plot directories and set the new wallet address as the recipient of the block rewards.